Industrial Facilities

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Building 264 Power Supply
Pasadena CA
One-story metal deck with concrete fill, masonry shear wall structure.


Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Building 149 Roof Extension
Pasadena CA
One-story metal deck, steel framed structure addition.

Federal Government Facilities

Marine Corps Child Development Center

Yuma AZ

One-story metal stud framed structure.

Litigation Support


Case 02025 – Defense

Las Vegas NV
Evaluate the design and construction of post-tensioned concrete slabs for their continued adequacy.


Case 97006 – Plaintiff

Wallace ID
Review the failure of multiple steel-framed industrial structures in a mining complex for cause and course of action. There were several complete and partial roof failures resulting from a severe storm. Investigation to determine what was salvageable; what needed to be repaired and what needed to be replaced.


Case 01024 – Defense

Tarzana CA
Review the as-built conditions of a two-story custom built residence to determine where conditions deviated from the original construction documents and where these conditions are still in conformance with the governing Building Codes.

Office Buildings


Diversified Compounders Inc.

City of Commerce CA

Two-story plywood shear wall steel framed building.


PS Business Parks

Santa Ana CA

Multiple concrete and plywood shear wall modifications of a two-story concrete tilt up structure.

Commercial Facilities


Flappy Jacks Centre

Glendora CA
Norman R Nicholls AIA

Design of a one-story, 10,000 square foot commercial building. The structural analysis of the plywood diaphragm indicated it would be a rigid diaphragm in the longitudinal direction, but as a flexible diaphragm in the transverse direction. Due to property line limitations and functional requirements, a combination of steel rigid frames and masonry shear walls were selected as the lateral load resisting system.

Public Works

Library Plaza

Glendora CA
Demolition and resurfacing. Structural evaluation of a 1970’s vintage, 20,000 square foot, reinforced concrete slab, beam, column and masonry shear wall structure.


Brea Fire Station

Brea CA
Structural design of domed ceiling with metal joist framing supported on wood stud walls.


Chino Police Department

Chino CA

$850,000 capital improvement for the Chino Police Department Headquarters building.

Floor Elevation Surveys

Hawthorne Avenue

Chino Hills CA

Property owners were frustrated that they were repeatedly patching and repairing cracks in the walls and on the tile floor of their residence. We performed multiple manometer surveys of the floor over a period of time. This allowed us to measure and quantify the locations where there was active settlement. The underperforming footings were underpinned at the fraction of what a full foundation upgrade would have cost.



Glenoaks Boulevard

Pasadena CA

Floor survey of this multi-million dollar residence was performed as part of a due diligence evaluation. The floor survey was performed to identify the areas where the foundation was and was not performing adequately.



Pasadena Community College

Pasadena CA
Skills Center. Two two-story steel framed buildings, one one-story concrete shear wall building.



Rolling Ridge Elementary School

Chino Hills CA
Series of one-story wood framed structures compose this educational institution.


Country Springs Elementary School

Chino CA
Series of one-story wood framed structures compose this educational institution.

LEED® Registered Buildings

American Hi-Definition Conversion

Van Nuys CA
Clear Ski Properties LLC

Addition of 600 Evergreen 190 solar modules on the structure’s roof gave this array a capacity of 95 kW. Close coordination with Energy Efficiency Solar resulted in the placement of an array that covered more than 50% of the existing room footprint without any structural strengthening of existing elements.


Carlsbad Community Aquatics Center

Carlsbad CA

54 grade-mounted solar panel system capable of generating 5,400,000 BTU per day was supported on a steel frame.


Palm Desert Town Center

Palm Desert CA
Westfield Group

Information being updated

Multi-Family Housing

 Silvercrest Residence

San Diego CA
Flewelling & Moody

10-story housing complex employs reinforced concrete flat plates to minimize inter-story height. Foundation consists of belled caissons in order to distribute the relatively large loads over a small footprint into the soil.


TLC New Visions

Reseda CA

8,000 square foot HUD-funded residential structure with the unique features of assisted living housing.

Seismic Evaluations

Anaheim Marriott

Anaheim CA
Parking Structure Evaluation

Six-story structure with reinforced concrete frames for lateral load resistance in one direction and reinforced concrete shear walls for resistance in the other direction. Evaluated numerous observable cracks and spalls, but deemed the structure’s integrity had not been compromised.


304 West Elm Street

Brea CA

ASCE 31-03 seismic evaluation of a one-story historically registered structure.


Oakwood Apartments

San Francisco CA

Multi-story apartment complex built into a hillside ranges between five and eight stories. The structural system consists of concrete slabs and columns with masonry shear walls. A linear elastic dynamic analysis was performed on the structure to evaluate the performance of the structure when subjected to different hypothetical seismic events.

Historic Landmarks

Glendora City Hall

Glendora CA
City of Glendora City Hall 1922

Three-story, unreinforced masonry provided challenging framework for the design of this $700,000 project, which included the addition of an elevator to facilitate access.



Pioneer Hall

Brea CA
City of Brea Community Clubhouse 1923

The ability of the structure to resist current seismic demands was evaluated, weaknesses were identified and retrofitted. This included strengthening existing shear walls, adding new wood structural panel shear walls, underpinning footings and strengthening connections.



La Fetra Community Center

Glendora CA

With the implementation of Reduced Beam Section Special Moment Resisting Frames, non of the existing widows were sacrificed.

Seismic Rehabilitations


Glendora Library

Glendora CA

Strengthening of a non-ductile concrete column and masonry wall structure with carbon fiber reinforced polymer jackets.



2943 Vineyard Avenue

Los Angeles CA

Repair of a partially collapsed two-story wood light framed structure.


Los Angeles Pro Apartements

Los Angeles CA
Alpha Property Management Inc

Seismic upgrade of a two-story wood framed apartment complex.

Construction Failures

Wilshire Boulevard

Beverly Hills CA
Philadelphia Insurance Companies

A shoring failure during construction led to this multi-million dollar loss. Since the policy was an all risk policy, the insurer needed to know the proximate cause of the failure. By piecing together the information provided to us and creating a finite element model of the shoring assembly, we provided the carrier with the cause of loss.

Fire Damaged Structures

5th Street / Oxnard Boulevard

Oxnard CA
Schifrin, Gagnon & Dickey

Repair of a damaged one-story unreinforced masonry wall building. Possessed a number of structural elements that were not compliant with current code. A closely coordinated effort, greatly assisted by Schifrin, Gagnon & Dickey, led to remedial recommendations and their implementation, that were agreeable to the building department and owner.



Commercial Street

San Diego CA
Allied Insurance

The intensity of the fire and temperatures brought into question the salvageability of the masonry walls and the concrete-encased steel beams. Through material testing and analysis, we isolated the structural elements that needed to be replaced and salvaged a majority of the structure. This reduced constructions costs and assisted in the speedy recovery of business operations.


Lomita Boulevard

Lomita CA
Safeco Insurance
ED Hansen Structures Inc

Due to the fire protection of the roof rafters by the gypsum board ceiling lid, the fire did minimal damage to the structure. The char was removed from the girders and we deemed the remaining cross-sections to be adequate for continued use without additional strengthening.

Rain Damaged Structures

Railroad Street

City of Industry CA
Safeco Insurance
KB Construction Company

Heavy raid caused a 24 x 24 foot portion of the roof to collapse. Our team was on site the very next day to determine the damage to structural elements adjacent to the affected area and expedited the construction documents necessary to secure the building permit.


Bridgestone Firestone

Gardena CA
Crawford & Company

Due to inadequate roof slope, a 30 x 30 foot section of the roof collapsed. Our team worked diligently and had the construction documents in the building department within 96 hours of the event.

Structural Peer Review

Olen Pointe

Brea CA
Ross Andrews & Associates

This five-story office complex is framed with steel wide flange and tapered steel girders to support gravity forces. Wind and seismic forces are resisted by Eccentric Braced Frames and Reduced Beam Section Special Moment Resisting Frames.



PTR Homestead

Brea CA
CLC Associates Inc

This is a two-story hotel complex. It is wood framed and employs wood structural panel shear walls to resist wind and seismic forces. The structure is supported on a shallow foundation.