David Davies, Director of Public Works, City of Glendora

"The City of Glendora has used JCSE on several projects. I recommend them without reservation. JCSE willingly investigates alternative engineering approaches to provide buildable plans. They provide excellent engineering services at a reasonable price. Given the choice, I would hire JCSE for all of our structural engineering needs."


Bill Shackett, Facilities Manager, Fairplex at Pomona

"With other firms, we have had projects experience time delays during the construction process and had cost overruns because the structural drawings got permitted but were less than complete for construction purposes. That was not the case with JCSE."


David Pickard Jr, AIA, PE, President, Pickard Architects

"We were very pleased with the services provided by JCSE."


Dianne Walter, Planning Manager, City of Glendora

"I am very satisfied with the turnaround time for the evaluations JCSE provides us. I would definitely recommend them to others."


Merle Voelske, Project Manager, Duke Pacific Inc

"I have been at this for a long time and I was very impressed with JCSE's expertise and ability to communicate with me to find non-conventional solutions to the difficulties at hand, leading to substantial cost savings."


David Nazaroff, Primary Member, Danaco, LLC

"We are very pleased with the professionalism, expertise and dedicated service exemplified by JCSE. With honesty and integrity, they have always assisted us to achieve our project goals."


Steve Patton, Water Division Manager, City of Glendora

"The City of Glendora Water Division is very pleased with JCSE. Their structural drawings are not only well detailed, but also show a keen sense for ease of construction."


Russell Barnard, President, Douglas Barnard Inc

"I found JSCE to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable every step of the way. I got much more than just a set of plans thrown on my desk. JSCE, both personally and professionally, was a pleasure to deal with."


Lonnie R Briggs, President, MRB Services Inc

"The quality and attention to detail in the JCSE construction documents were evident in how smoothly the project went through the plan check process. With other firms I have used, there were changes and additions I was forced to deal with that were costly and aggravating. That didn't happen with JCSE."